Transfer Sheet Instructions


  • Trim around the image you'd like to affix to your garment.
  • Prepare a FLAT solid  surface on which to iron.
  • Switch on your iron and allow to heat up to full temperature for 4 minutes.
  • Ensure the steam setting on the iron is set to OFF.
  • Before transferring, peel off the image from the backing sheet.
  • You will end up with a thin film with the image and the discarded backing paper which you do not need.
  • Note: Allow yourself ample cutting space between your image and the area in which you choose to peel the image from the backing.
  • Before completely lifting the image from the backing trim the excess portion used as a point for removing the image from the backing.

Transferring the image Ironing

  • Cover the surface on which you are ironing with an old T Shirt or similar fabric to give it a slight cushioning and protect it from the heat.
  • Place the item to be printed on the surface with the area onto which you are about to transfer facing up.
  • Iron the material without the image to warm it up a little and smooth out any creases (about 30 seconds).
  • Place the transfer paper with the image printed face up on the item. Remember to peel off the backing which has the grid printed on it.
  • Place the silicon paper (supplied and re-usable) onto the exposed image to protect the iron from the ink.
  • Start Ironing the image. 
  • Make sure ALL AREAS of the image receive the same amount of heat by moving the iron constantly in SMALL CIRCLES and covering all the areas, especially the edges. 
  • Apply FIRM and CONSTANT PRESSURE to the Iron. (you cannot put too much pressure on the image – the more the better)Iron for about 3 minutes
  • (For Images in A4 Size – for smaller images you can shorten the time roughly in proportion).
  • Once ironed, leave the image to cool for about 1 minute and remove the silicon paper. 
  • The image should be closely stuck to the garment.  If there are any areas which have not adhered well, replace the silicon paper and iron the area for a further 1 minute.

Transferring the Images – Peeling

  • Wait about 1 minute before removing the silicon paper. 
  • Once peeled, the image is transferred and the process is finished.


  • Wait 24 Hours before washing the garment
  • Wash in a Washing Machine using a FULL SPIN CYCLE
  • NOT Suitable for HAND Washing or Delicate cycles
  • Do not tumble dry

Trouble Shooting

  • Some of the Image did not Transfer – Heat of the Iron is not high enough. 
  • Ensure the Iron is on FULL temperature and that all areas of the image are ironed.
  • The image has not transferred at all and comes off the garment – Check that you have peeled the backing paper that has the  grid printed on it.
  • The image has disappeared and there is only the white background visible – You have placed the image face down onto the garment.  The image should be placed face up and protected with the silicon paper when Ironing.

Video Instructions