About Us - How It All Started and What We're Doing Now!

Welcome! I'm so thrilled you're here.

Let's start with how Cocoa Twins, my digital art store, began. In 2016, while on a back-to-school shopping trip with my 9-year-old identical twin daughters, we noticed something missing - no school supplies featuring girls who looked like them. Instead of being upset, my brave girls asked, "Mommy, can you draw pictures on our notebooks?" I eagerly said, "Yes!" and that's where the magic started.

Since that day, the girls and I have been on an exciting journey, crafting artwork representing and connecting with our community. I'm so blessed that my girls knew they could turn to me for what they wanted and needed. This led to the creation of Cocoa Twins, a digital art store offering 'Done for You' products, complete with PLR rights. 

But the journey has been about more than just art. I'm now the proud owner and instructor of Cocoa Twins Creative Art Coaching, where I help others build their own digital download portfolios and stores. No worries if you think you can't draw! I'm here to teach you how to leverage tools like Adobe Illustrator, MidJourney, and ChatGPT to grow your business. To join my school, click this link: bit.ly/CTClassroom.

In addition, I've had the fantastic opportunity to be a Cricut Art Contributor. Click here to learn more about my journey and contributions, visit https://cricut.com/blog/cocoa-twins-artist-jamesha-bazemore/. I've also been privileged to help other women step into the role of contributors.

So, thank you for stopping by and joining us on this creative journey. We're excited to share our world with you.

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