Subscription - Drop-Shipping Design and Production (1 Month Duration)

Subscription - Drop-Shipping Design and Production (1 Month Duration)

  • $99.00

This is a month long learning series. 

You will receive an entire month of guided active instruction, challenges to help you move in fear, business tips, support bringing awareness to your brand and much more.

Who can benefit from this?  Those who want to learn how to design and develop their own line of products.  You will learn what companies, software and equipment to use to build your inventory in three short months.

Each class will offer live demonstrations, tips and tools on product development and weekly guidance to help you develop your skills.

The goal is to provide you with the tools you will need to grow your business in the following areas. 

  • Design and Drop Ship Your Own Merchandise

Enrollment Opens October 15th and Ends October 31st

Class Begins November 1st

1 Month Duration

Cost: $99

What’s included:

  • CCT Digi Box for November
  • Pre-recorded videos demonstrating how to design and create your own backpack, travel bag, fitness bag, duffel bag and baby bag.
  • Blank Design Templates Utilizing Canva.  This will help you properly create designs to ensure a clean and sharp image is printed on your products.
  • Intro to Canva (

Equipment Required: Laptop/ Desktop
Software Required: None. You will need access to the internet.

    You will receive a link to access a secret Facebook group where you will find all of the tutorials, templates and links to access November's Digi Box in a later email.