2022 | Cocoa Twins® Intro to Procreate Design Course
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2022 | Cocoa Twins® Intro to Procreate Design Course

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Looking to get into digital art but don't know where to start?

Look no further than Cocoa Twins and Procreate.

Procreate is an amazing digital design tool that is perfect for beginners.

With Procreate, you can create stunning digital art without any prior drawing experience.

Elevate your design skills and create something truly unique.

Cocoa Twins makes it easy to get started with Procreate, with detailed tutorials and an expansive community of artists to support you.

So dive in and start creating today!

What's Included?

Equipment Needed

  • IPAD
  • Access to the Internet

Software Required

  • Procreate

Disclaimer:  Jamesha Bazemore does not make any guarantees of success. Your journey to success is personal. It will be up to you to do the work.

*Note:  All apps mentioned in my classes are paid subscriptions.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • System Requirements | What Do I Need to Have to Use It and How Much Does It Cost?
  • Chapter One | Making Your Ideas Tangible
  • Chapter Two | Starting with Intention | Find Your Start, Explore your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Chapter Three | Intro to Procreate Using the Procreate Handbook
  • Chapter Four | Gallery, Creating a Canvas, Renaming Your Designs, Stacking and Importing a File
  • Chapter Five | Cocoa Twins Tracing Template
  • Chapter Six | Adjustment Tools - Adjusting Colors, Shading, and the Glitter Effect
  • Chapter Seven | Creating a Custom Color Palette
  • Chapter Eight | Exporting Your Design as an Image, Into Canva and GoodNotes
  • Bonus - Drawing Facial Features by Tracing Photos

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Jamesha Bazemore does not make any guarantees of success.  Your journey to success is personal.  It will be up to you to do the work.

Cocoa Twins® is not affiliated with Procreate.