2022 | Cocoa Twins® How to Design Canva Frames
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2022 | Cocoa Twins® How to Design Canva Frames

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Would you like to learn how to create your own Custom Canva Frames?  

What is a Canva Frame?

Click here to learn.

In this class I will teach you how to create your own Custom Canva Frames using Adobe Illustrator, Procreate and Gravit.io.

Why did I choose these applications?

Adobe Illustrator is for the intermediate to advanced digital designer who can save their design as a PDF from Adobe Illustrator.

Microsoft Word is for those who are familiar with Microsoft Word and can save their design as a PDF from Microsoft Word.

Gravit is for the newbie whose looking for a free way to create their frames and do not have the ability to save a file as a PDF.  Gravit will allow you to save the design as a PDF without having Adobe Acrobat saved as an application on your desktop. 

Equipment Used

  • HP Desktop 

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