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A Note to VIP Club Members for This Class

VIPS you will receive additional information via email from Cocoa Twins on how to access the link for the live Zoom class.  You will also receive information on adding additional elements to your design utilizing PicsArt. 

*Note:  The VIP section will remain open after the live Zoom class but will only provide access to the replay.


Before you begin watching the video tutorials listed under the heading “Stencil to Digital Design Video Tutorialsplease watch these free video walkthroughs to become familiar with the applications being used in the tutorials.

Adobe Capture is a design solution that you can use to create your own digital stamps. (

Adobe Fresco is a design solution that you can use to edit the digital stamps that you create using Adobe Capture. (

FIRST WATCH – (Free) Adobe Fresco Walkthrough (

NEXT TO WATCH - (Free) Preview of Stencil to Digital Design Utilizing Adobe Fresco, Adobe Fresco and PicsArt (


Stencil to Digital Design Video Tutorials

In these tutorials I explain how to create a digital design from a stencil utilizing Adobe Fresco and Adobe Capture.

Video 01:  Stencil to Digital Design

Video 02:  Exporting Your Completed Design to Your Device

Video 03:  VIPS Only - Editing Your Design Utilizing PicsArt

If you have any questions please email and reference “ Adobe Capture”.


**This is a digital product.  No physical material will be shipped.