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Beautiful Bouquet | Editable Journal PLR Kit with a Bonus Hyperlinked Planner | Fully Editable Canva Templates

Beautiful Bouquet | Editable Journal PLR Kit with a Bonus Hyperlinked Planner | Fully Editable Canva Templates

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How to use the planner template? Download your printables as a PNG, upload into Canva and then plug each page into the Canva Frames shown in the Planner.  See the video for how.

Start your business journey with our 'Editable Journal Design Kit', the ultimate time-saver for busy entrepreneurs! Tailored specifically for B2B operations, this product offers fully editable Canva templates and an array of 21 unique journal designs. Plus, a hyperlinked planner bonus to skyrocket your productivity. Design, customize, and create.


  • Fully Hyperlinked Planner: Streamline your creations with a drag-and-drop feature for effortless customization.
  • 21 Unique Design Options: A plethora of choices to ensure your journal pages are always fresh and engaging.
  • Private Label Rights: Enjoy the freedom to use the designs as-is or modified, perfect for business-to-business sales.
  • Editable Canva Templates: Gain control with easy-to-use templates – modify to suit your brand's unique flair. THE CANVA TEMPLATE CANNOT BE RESOLD.
  • PDF Deliverables: Conveniently formatted for immediate use or resale to your customers.


  • Boost Efficiency: Save time with ready-to-use templates and focus on what you do best – growing your business.
  • Foster Creativity: With editable options, the sky's the limit for how you personalize your journal pages.
  • Expand Your Product Line: Easily integrate these designs into your existing products, offering added value to your customers.
  • Market Versatility: Appeal to a broad audience with designs suitable for various niches and preferences.
  • Increase Revenue: With PLR rights, create a new income stream by reselling the finished products.

5 FAQs

Q: Can I use these designs for commercial products? A: Yes, our Private Label Rights allow you to use the designs for personal and commercial use, perfect for adding value to your products.

Q: Are the templates easy to use for someone new to Canva? A: Absolutely, the templates are designed for ease of use, regardless of your experience level with Canva.

Q: Is the hyperlinked planner included in the purchase? A: Yes, the hyperlinked planner is a bonus feature that comes with your purchase, giving you even more versatility.

Q: How can I contact you for support after purchase? A: We're here to help at Your business success is our top priority!

Q: What are the terms of use for the Canva template? A: The Canva template is for your business design needs; it cannot be resold, shared, or given away.

5 Customers Who Can Benefit from This Product:

  1. Entrepreneurs seeking to add exclusive journals to their product line.
  2. Busy creatives looking for ready-to-go design options.
  3. Online shop owners in need of quick and customizable journal designs.
  4. Stationery businesses aiming to expand their digital product offerings.
  5. Coaches and educators creating planners or workbooks for their programs.

5 Ways to Monetize the Digital Product:

  1. Selling customized journals in your online store.
  2. Offering personalized planning and diary products for niche markets.
  3. Creating physical journal products using the designs for local businesses.
  4. Bundling the designs with other products for a comprehensive planner package.
  5. Licensing the finished designs to other businesses in a B2B model.  
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