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Limited Edition | A Children's Affirmation Journal and Sketchbook | Canva Template

Limited Edition | A Children's Affirmation Journal and Sketchbook | Canva Template

A Fully Editable Canva Template Only

Modifications are required if you decide to resell as a digital product. The Canva Template cannot be resold.

Suggested modifications: Add graphics and affirmations.

Our Children's Affirmation and Sketchbook Canva Template is a digital download that provides a fun and customizable platform to create your affirmation and sketchbook for children. The template is designed in Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool.

This package includes:

  • 48 Pages
  • Individual Journal Prompts on Each Page

The Children's Affirmation and Sketchbook Canva Template is a powerful tool that can benefit children. Using this template encourages children to practice positive thinking and develop a sense of self-belief. The affirmations provided in the template help instill confidence, resilience, and kindness, fostering a healthy mindset from an early age. Through the sketchbook aspect, children can unleash their creativity and express their emotions visually, promoting self-expression and imagination. The act of tracing and writing affirmations also aids in improving handwriting skills and fine motor coordination. Overall, this template creates a safe and empowering space for children to engage in positive self-reflection, cultivate creativity, and build a strong foundation of self-confidence and emotional well-being.

Commercially, these pages can be used unlimitedly for physical products with no modifications required. If you're aiming for digital product creation, modifications are necessary, but the possibilities for transformation are endless. Here are some modification ideas to inspire you:

  • Add graphics.
  • Edit the prompts.
  • Add more prompts.
  • Remove prompts.
  • Run the prompts in ChatGPT to create additional prompts on the same topic.
  • Integrate interactive elements like checklists or fillable text boxes.
  • Change the color scheme or add patterns.
  • Incorporate branding elements like logos or taglines.
  • Add unique sections like gratitude journals and mindset challenges.

Remember, while you're free to sell your modified digital products, the original Canva Template we provided cannot be sold as-is.

With our digital download product, you have unlimited personal and commercial use for physical and digital products (with the necessary modifications for digital). Harness the power of our versatile templates and let your creativity soar.

Get started on your journey to create beautiful, functional journals that truly reflect your brand and your vision!

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