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Cocoa Twins

0823-162-BKB | PLR Art Upscaled | One Buyer. Zero Restrictions | Bonus - See Description

0823-162-BKB | PLR Art Upscaled | One Buyer. Zero Restrictions | Bonus - See Description

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Monetization Idea: Sell the bundle as-is, or create even more income by splitting it into individual designs! With PLR, commercial, and personal rights, your customers have countless options for uses, like creating spiral notebook covers in Canva.

For more monetization ideas, try this prompt in ChatGPT.

Can you help me come up with five digital product ideas to sell on Etsy? I have six high-resolution png design files. My products are geared towards crafters and creatives who want to sell digital downloads but are short on time due to their busy lives. Some may be beginners to Etsy selling. Thank you

Don't know how to use ChatGPT?  No worries.  Here's what it generated for me.

Certainly! Here are 10 digital product ideas that you can sell on Etsy, especially catering to crafters and creatives who are short on time:

Digital Planner Templates: Create customizable planner templates that crafters can use to organize their projects, inventory, and sales. These can be monthly, weekly, or daily planners with sections for materials, costs, and timelines

  • Etsy Shop Branding Kits: Offer a package that includes a shop banner, profile picture, thank you note design, and product listing templates. This will help beginners set up their shop with a cohesive look.
  • Social Media Templates: Design templates for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook posts or stories that crafters can use to promote their products. Include placeholders for product images and text.
  • Printable Stickers: Convert your designs into printable stickers that crafters can use in their planners, scrapbooks, or to decorate their products.
  • Printable Labels and Tags: Design printable labels and tags that crafters can use for their handmade products. This can include care instructions, size labels, or thank-you notes
  • Digital Clipart Sets: Use your designs to create clipart sets that crafters can use in their digital projects, like invitations, greeting cards, or digital scrapbooks.

Remember to offer a detailed description of each product and a short tutorial or guide on how to use them. This will be especially helpful for beginners and add value to your offerings. Good luck with your Etsy shop!

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