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014-EB | Create & Sell Your Own 2024 Calendars | DFY Designs & Templates

014-EB | Create & Sell Your Own 2024 Calendars | DFY Designs & Templates

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Learn how to maximize your calendar creation on Lulu for FREE when you purchase this bundle.  Learn more about the class by clicking here.

Introducing our 2024 DFY Calendar Bundle with PLR Rights! 📅🎨

This comprehensive bundle includes two digital download products, empowering you to create and sell your own stunning calendars. 🌟

1️⃣ DFY Digital/Printable Bundle: ✨ High-resolution art for all twelve months, sized at 2550px x 3300px (8.5x11 at 300ppi). ✨ Perfect for printing or sharing digitally. ✨ Use the included Canva Template link to customize and personalize the bundle to your heart's content.

2️⃣ DFY Bundle: ✨ Optimized designs for use on, a leading self-publishing platform. ✨ Easily plug these designs into Lulu to create professional calendars. ✨ Canva Template link provided for seamless editing and customization.  

With the purchase of this bundle, you become the sole owner with zero restrictions. Use the art and designs however you choose and create products you can resell for profit. 🎁💰


🔹 Two digital download products: DFY Digital/Printable Bundle and DFY Bundle.

🔹 High-resolution art for all twelve months.

🔹 Canva Template links for easy editing and customization.

🔹 Optimized designs for use on

🔹 Exclusive class available for Lulu calendar creation.


✨ Unleash your creativity and design stunning calendars.

✨ Save time and effort with ready-to-use art and designs.

✨ Enjoy high-resolution prints or share digitally.

✨ Personalize your calendars with the Canva Template links.

✨ Learn how to maximize your Lulu calendar creation with our exclusive class.


  1. Can I use the art and designs for commercial purposes? Absolutely! As the sole owner, you can create and sell products using the art and designs.

  2. Are the Canva Templates easy to use? Yes, our Canva Templates are user-friendly and allow for easy customization.

  3. Can I print the calendars at home? Yes, you can print the calendars at home or use a professional printing service.

  4. Can I edit the designs on While you cannot edit the designs directly on Lulu, you can use the Canva Template link to customize them before uploading.

  5. Is the exclusive class included in the purchase? The class is not included but is available for a separate fee at

Customers Who Can Benefit

  1. Etsy Sellers: Enhance your product offerings with unique calendars.
  2. Graphic Designers: Use the art and designs as a base for your creative projects.
  3. Content Creators: Add value to your digital products by including calendars.
  4. Entrepreneurs: Create and sell calendars as an additional revenue stream.
  5. Hobbyists: Enjoy the satisfaction of designing your own personalized calendars.

Monetization Ideas

  1. Sell the calendars on Etsy, eBay, or your own website.
  2. Offer customized calendar designs as a service.
  3. Create themed calendars for niche markets.
  4. Bundle the calendars with other digital products for increased value.
  5. License the art and designs to other creators.
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