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010EB | The Ultimate Self-Love Planner Bundle PLR - ONE BUYER | Bonus Offer: Access to an Exclusive Set of ChatBots

010EB | The Ultimate Self-Love Planner Bundle PLR - ONE BUYER | Bonus Offer: Access to an Exclusive Set of ChatBots

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TL/DR - The Ultimate Self-Love Planner Bundle is a fully editable printable or digital planner with hyperlinks. It includes a manifestation journal, a Calm Your Mind Journal, three notebooks, and bonus bots for self-exploration. You have private label rights to use the bots in your services. This business-in-a-box bundle comes with pre-designed mockups for Etsy. Perfect for individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and students. Monetize by selling the planner, offering customization, coaching, additional digital products, or workshops. Keywords: self-love, planner, printable, digital, manifestation, mindfulness, coaching, Etsy.

What's Included: 

  • Planner in PDF Format
  • PDF Document with a Link to a Fully Editable Canva Template
  • Set of Instructions
  • Access to Bots

Full Description

The Ultimate Self-Love Printable and Hyperlinked Planner Bundle with Bots is here to revolutionize your journey towards self-love and personal growth. This fully editable Canva template document is not only printable but can also be used as a digital planner, compatible with apps like Goodnotes.

This comprehensive bundle includes an undated calendar with a year at a glance, daily and weekly pages, and a manifestation journal featuring various pages to help you visualize your dreams and affirm your self-love. With two vision boards, mind mapping exercises, a letter to the universe, gratitude log, daily affirmation log, resource list, dream journal, and more, you'll have all the tools you need to manifest your desires and cultivate self-love.

But that's not all! The Calm Your Mind Journal offers a tranquil space for introspection with pages like the Calm Your Mind Corner, Declutter Your Mind, and Mind Dump. Additionally, you'll receive three notebooks with six different paper designs for all your note-taking needs.

As a bonus, this bundle includes three incredible bots created by Cocoa Twins. The Shadow Work Bot helps you uncover hidden shadows that may hinder your self-love journey, while the Affirmation Bot generates custom affirmations tailored to your responses, empowering you on your path to abundant self-love. Lastly, the Journal Prompt Bot sparks creativity and prompts deep self-exploration through journaling.

With private label rights, you can integrate these bots into your services and share them with clients for their personal journey. However, please note that the bots cannot be resold or redistributed. You'll also receive pre-designed mockups to list the planner on Etsy, making it a true business-in-a-box.


  • Fully editable Canva template, printable or digital planner
  • Hyperlinked for easy navigation
  • Includes undated calendar, daily and weekly pages
  • Manifestation journal with vision boards, gratitude log, and more
  • Calm Your Mind Journal for introspection and tranquility
  • Three notebooks with six different paper designs
  • Bonus Shadow Work Bot, Affirmation Bot, and Journal Prompt Bot
  • Private label rights for integration into services


  • Empower your self-love journey with a comprehensive planner bundle
  • Stay organized and motivated with the undated calendar and daily/weekly pages
  • Visualize your dreams and affirm your self-love with the manifestation journal
  • Find peace and clarity with the Calm Your Mind Journal
  • Enjoy a variety of paper designs for note-taking and creativity
  • Access the transformative power of the Shadow Work, Affirmation, and Journal Prompt Bots
  • Enhance your services and help clients on their self-love journey
  • Save time and effort with the pre-designed mockups for Etsy listings


  1. Q: Can I print this planner and use it as a physical copy? A: Absolutely! This planner can be easily printed and used as a physical copy.

  2. Q: Is this planner compatible with digital planning apps? A: Yes! This planner is fully hyperlinked and compatible with apps like Goodnotes for digital planning convenience.

  3. Q: Are the bots included in this bundle customizable? A: The bots are pre-programmed to provide guidance and support. Customization options are not available.

  4. Q: Can I resell or redistribute the bots included in this bundle? A: No, the bots are exclusive to Cocoa Twins and cannot be resold or redistributed.

  5. Q: What is included in the private label rights? A: With private label rights, you can integrate the bots into your services for personal use by your clients, but you cannot resell or redistribute the bots themselves.

Customers Who Can Benefit:

  1. Individuals on a journey of self-love and personal growth
  2. Creative entrepreneurs looking to enhance their services with self-love resources
  3. Coaches, therapists, and counselors guiding clients towards self-love
  4. Students seeking a planner that promotes mindfulness and manifestation
  5. Anyone in need of a comprehensive tool for organization, reflection, and self-care

Ways to Monetize the Digital Product:

  1. Sell the planner bundle on Etsy or other online platforms
  2. Offer customization or personalization services for the planner
  3. Provide coaching or consulting services related to self-love and personal growth
  4. Create and sell additional digital products that complement the planner, such as self-love workbooks or affirmation card sets
  5. Offer workshops or webinars on self-love and using the planner effectively
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