Design Service - Custom Digital Image

How It Works

  1. A $25 non-refundable* fee is required to start working on your custom image.  The $25 will be applied to the final cost. *You will receive a refund if we find that we cannot complete your request.  See below to make your deposit and to upload your design requirements.
  2. Upload your design inspiration, photos and pose references, and include written instructions to help me understand your vision.  See form below.
  3. Your purchase includes the creation of one digital image.
  4. We will create your digital image by hand and then convert it into a digital file as a layered svg file and a high resolution png file with a transparent background.
  5.  We will send you a copy of the design for your review.  Your purchase includes one revision of the image.
  6. See below to make your final payment once you accept the design as complete.

 What's Included:

# of Revisions


SVG Format


PNG Format


Preliminary design completed and sent to you to review in:

7-10 Business Days

Revision Completed In:

1-3 Business Days

What we cannot accept:

  1. We cannot accept artwork from others.
  2. We cannot duplicate another artist's artwork.
  3. We cannot make edits to another artist's artwork.
  4. We can refuse to accept your request if we find that it crosses or comes close to plagiarizing someone else's work.