About Cocoa Twins

About Cocoa Twins and Jamesha Bazemore 

Cocoa Twins was imagined by a set of 9 year old identical twins named Brianna and Brittney while shopping for school supplies in 2016. 

After a very exhaustive search for notebooks with super cute images on them, they began to notice an abundance of supplies with non-brown boy and girl images on them, but instead of becoming angry or sad they turned to their mother, Jamesha Bazemore and asked, "Can you draw pictures for us and put them on our notebooks?"  She replied, "ABSOLUTELY!" 

The girls and their mom began their magically black girl journey into developing illustrations that the girls could relate to, such as princess emojis with afro puffs and different color crowns to represent each emotion.  

From there Jamesha decided to create images that she could relate to as well which lead to the creation of  beautiful images of women and men of color celebrating love, self-awareness and life. 


Cocoa Twin's mission is to do what we love with a purpose, to share our love of art with others and to continue creating positive, reaffirming, fun-loving and beautiful images of people of color. 

Click here to learn more : https://linktr.ee/cocoa_twins