About Cocoa Twins

Have you ever found yourself searching for school supplies, planners, or journals with super cute pictures of brown women and children on them, but couldn't find anything?

Yeah me too!

This is why I, Jamesha Bazemore, decided to use my God given talent to create such items.

I credit my Cocoa Twins, Brianna and Brittney, for pushing me to create Cocoa Twins. 

In 2016, my 9 year old twins were on the hunt for super cute notebooks, folders and binders for the new school year. They wanted their supplies to have pretty brown girls on them, but they weren't able to find ANYTHING like this. To say that they were totally bummed about it would be an understatement, but instead of staying bummed they looked to me to create the images they wanted. 

That need to fulfill something that was clearly unavailable to my twins put me on the road to creating more than just school supplies. Now we have totes and journals for women too! 

Our business is growing exponentially and I have the twins to thank for planting the seed.

My Cocoa Twins Rock!