Procreate and Adobe Fresco Stamps

Layered Digital Products available in two formats - PSD and Procreate.

How to Use:

  • Upload into Procreate, Adobe Fresco or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Edit and/ or color to create a custom design.

Limited Quantities Available

Creative Coins Ideas | What Can I Make?

  • Printable and Digital Coloring Pages
  • Customize Digi Dolls using the Included Elements like using the different hairstyles, clothing, etc. or draw your own.
  • Be creative and have fun.

Licensing Information

YES.  You can sell your digi dolls with the included assets/ elements (hairstyles, clothing and facial features) as a pre-made digital product when you add your own elements, like a border to create a coloring page. 

No.  You cannot sell, share or giveaway the original art as is in any digital format.  You will need to add your own elements.  

YES. Adding elements includes adding color.

YES. You can sell your digi doll as a stand alone graphic if you draw or add your own elements (hairstyles, clothing, and/ or facial features) to make it very uniquely their own.