Digi Box

What is the Digi Box?

The digi box includes 20+ designs that you will receive each month plus any designs that are updated on the website.

How much is it and how do I pay?

The digi box with a subscription is $25 each month and requires a 3 month recurring payment commitment. (Select Membership)

The digi box without a subscription is $35.  You will not be signed up for a recurring payment (aka subscription) if you choose this method. (Select Add to Cart)

*The digi box is valued at over $100.

When and how will I receive my files?

You will be given access to the file sharing software that we use.  Your email address will gain you entry into the site, so please be sure to include one and that it is spelled correctly.

Can I use my points?  No

How many digi boxes will be made available each month? 

50 digi boxes will be made available.  The digi box will no longer be available once all 50 have been sold or by the 5th of month whichever occurs first.

What can I do if I missed the digi box for the month?

Each image will be made available for individual purchasing.