6 Tips for Designing Your Merchandise

1.  Size The size of your design matters on your merchandise.  An image too large can look out of place.  An image to small can be hard to see especially if there’s intricate details that make up the design.

    • Tip: Print out your design on regular paper and hold it up to yourself while looking in the mirror.  How does it look to you?

2.  Don’t just sit it right there. Placement matters. Placing an image to far up, down, to the left or right on a merchandise can drastically change the look of your design.  Poor placement can cause the image to be cut off in places where you didn’t intend for it to be cut off.  Poor placement can make the design of your merchandise look unbalanced which can be unpleasing to the eye.

3.  Typography Font styles can have a basic word looking like a naughty word or make it super hard to read.  Fonts can also provoke certain emotions.  Picture a font that would typically be used on a Halloween shirt on a shirt for Mother’s Day.  You see where I’m coming from now - right?

    • Tip 01: Add your text and print it out.  Hold it up and try to view it from your potential customer’s point of view.  Would the type of and placement of the font take away from the overall design?

    • Tip 02: Try to avoid using more than three different fonts in a design.  Too many font styles can change the feel of your design.

4.  Again, don’t just sit it right there. Composition   The placement of objects relative to each other is very important in laying out the design for your merchandise.  Be mindful of the flow of your design and how you would want someone to read it.  Poor composition can make viewing a design difficult and aesthetically unpleasing.

5.  Image Quality An image with a dpi below 300 can print out fuzzy and blurry.  Any image that you use should have a DPI of 300 or more. 

    • Tip: Pay attention to the tool tips that are given to you when you use software to design your items.  Some of them provide red flags when the image is too small or scaled too large which can cause the image to appear pixelated (grainy).

6.  Color matters.  Colors have different effects on people.  Rich browns, oranges, reds and greens can give the feel of fall.  Color is something you should consider throughout your design process.

This is all for now.  I hope this helps you create an awesome design to use on the merchandise that you offer.

Happy Crafting!


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